Rolling Road Exploration Sweden AB.

Rolling Road Exploration AB is an early-stage private mineral exploration company, focused on exploring for and discovering magmatic nickel-copper-cobalt sulphide deposits in Sweden. The company has identified an extensive and previously unexplored belt located in southern Sweden, which is highly prospective for magmatic sulphides.




To undertake early-stage nickel, copper and cobalt exploration, in a socially and environmentally responsible manor, within the Småland region.

Use non-invasive exploration methods such as airborne geophysical surveys and rock chip sampling to identify specific areas of interest to carry out more detailed research.

To generate discrete drill targets and identify previously unrecognised nickel, copper and cobalt sulphide mineralisation.

Latest news

“The world is rapidly transitioning to low-carbon technologies to combat climate change. However, these technologies require a large amount of minerals. To meet this demand, more mining and mineral recycling will be needed”, The World Bank.