December airborne EM survey

November 20, 2019

Rolling Road Exploration will conduct a helicopter airborne electromagnetic (EM) survey in the Bergslagen region. SkyTEM, a Danish company, will be the survey operators. The survey will consist of seven areas detailed in the Figure 1. The survey is planned to start Tuesday 1oth of March. Two areas will be surveyed, each area is expected to take between 2 and 4 hours to survey. The aim of the survey is to help the understanding of the bedrock geology and map any potential for minerals. This is a preparatory survey to give a general overview of geology. It will not infringe on any rights of landowners or rights holders.

The helicopter flies at about 70 meters above the ground and has a frame hanging about 30 meters below it. The flights take place along parallel lines spaced at 50 meters distance.

The pilots try to avoid flying over lands with domestic animals. Pet owners who have horses or other domestic animals in the study area and who suspect that the animals may be disturbed by the low flying helicopter may consider taking in the animals during the time the helicopter flies in the immediate area.

If you have any further questions please contact Sam Walding.









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